To be considered a legendary goalkeeper, it is believed that one is more than an effective shot-stopper and a perfect physical specimen.


For many, legends are ones that are inspirational and who serve to reassure their team that they can afford to take chances or suffer missteps knowing that they have a dependable backup. It is the legends that rise to the occasion and pledges to fans and their countrymen that they will block the shot and not allow to be scored upon. For Olaf Heredia, his success, influence and inspiration has reached beyond borders and culture and has won more than titles and prizes but the hearts and minds of his peers, fans and followers. Heredia, born Carlos Olaf Heredia Orozco in Apatzingan, Mexico, is the fifth of seven children and remains the pride of many Latinos who have followed his career with the Pumas (1978-1984), Tigres (1984-1987), Morelia (1978-1990), Cruz Azul (1990-1993), and Santos Laguna (1993-1997).

Among the most outstanding of his career is that of playing in the FIFA World Cup for Mexico in 1986. Olaf Heredia is among the great Latino role models such as Luis de la Fuente and Andres Guardado who set the standards for the future generations of athletes. As the most popular sport in the world, soccer has had a great impact on the United States primarily attributed to the growing majority of political Latino markets becoming more involved with Major League Soccer.

Olaf, among the known and unknown, is one who will continue to serve as a great source of inspiration for generations to come and it is appropriate that he is honored and recognized during this special 40th anniversary when we unite to remember and preserve all memories of leaders before. All symbolize the levels of fitness and dedication that sportsmen like Heredia endorses and that is of practice and training, which is what leads to success.

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