Roberto Clemente Walker
1934 - 1972
Roberto Clemente

To be the first Hispanic inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and now to be inducted into the only Hall of Fame in the county that honors and inducts Latinos makes Roberto Clemente special


But what really made him special is that he was an amazing baseball player and humanitarian. He devoted 18 seasons 1955-1972 as right fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the National League. He was always willing to help anyone who needed help and his untimely death came when he was on his way to help the people of Nicaragua.

A native of Puerto Rico he learned baseball on the neighborhood sandlots like many boys at that time. He was feared by baserunners because of his speed and tremendous throwing arm. He earned 12 Gold Gloves and was often compared to the great Willie Mays. His batting was outstanding and he earned a.317 career average and was instrumental in helping the Pirates win two World Series titles.

His 29 homeruns and 119 RBIs earned him the National League MVP title in 1966 after hitting 29 homeruns and 119 RBIs. Many people remember and especially those from Pittsburgh the 1971 World Series when Clemente had 12 hits, two homeruns earning a .414 average that led to the World Series title for the Pittsburg Pirates.

They say the good die young and this certainly is true of Roberto Clemente Walker who was not only one of the Best in baseball but one who never forgot his roots in his beloved Puerto Rico died at the prime age of 38. In 1972 on a humanitarian flight to Nicaragua and an untimely and tragic accident the world of Baseball, the people of Puerto Rico and the world lost a hero. 



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