Santiago Sanchez

Santiago “Chagito” Sanchez
Sports Visionary
Guajolote International 10-K Run
Founder 1979
Santiago “Chagito” Sanchez
International runner

“Chagito”, as he was affectionately called, was born and raised in Laredo, Texas to Santiago, a Presbyterian minister and Juanita Sanchez.

He had a lifelong love for athletics in which he excelled as a student at Old Laredo High School and later as coach, promoter and sportsman.  He played football, basketball and baseball at Laredo High and in San Antonio and Monterrey, Mexico.

Santiago coached the all-star basketball and volleyball teams in Laredo.  He started as a coach for the Gazela Team at the Casa de Juventud in Nuevo Laredo. He brought a professional women’s basketball team called the Red Heads to the Boys Club as part of an exhibition game. He sponsored track meets in Nuevo Laredo as well as a bicycle race from Nuevo Laredo to Columbia Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Santiago Sr. was an early jewelry store owner in downtown Laredo. Today, third generation of Sanchez men run the family business. Always involved, he was a member of the Laredo Chamber of commerce, Lions Club, Mexican American Chamber of Commerce and several other local clubs and organizations.

He opened a second business Hamilton Trophies giving him a direct contact with sports in Laredo and Nuevo Laredo.  For his sports involvement on both sides of the border, Nuevo Laredo community named a street in his honor. The first Guajolote 10K run was first organized by Sanchez, his daughter Gloria Sanchez and several coaches in 1979.  To follow her father’s legacy and tradition, Gloria continued hosting the Run along with Sanchez’s granddaughter Marie. The run has become known not just in Laredo or Texas but in California and Florida, Mexico.

The Guajolote 10K Run has given a start to many Laredo and Mexican runners such as Andres Espinoza, a New York Marathon overall winner from Monclova, Coahuila, Arturo Barrios who would become the world’s fastest in the 20,000 meter run. Many runners both young and old who have a love of running take part in the Guajolote Run participate in the run year after year. 

The love of Santiago’s life was the person who helped him to achieve his dreams, his wife of 50 years, Manuela.  Together they raised 7 children.

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