Azucena Maldonado is on a mission to introduce Latinas of all ages to golf for their professional development, personal enjoyment and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

She is doing this through the Latina Golfers Association (LGA) which she founded in 2008.  Over 900 women have participated in the LGA golf clinics with many of them transforming into genuine golfers.  The LGA boasts a membership of over 1,200 Latinas.

Growing the game of golf in the Latino community is at the root of Maldonado’s hard work.  Her efforts have been recognized and validated by the nation’s premiere golf institution, the PGA (Professional Golfers Association) of America.  PGA featured Azucena in their magazine and invited her to speak as an expert at their annual expo/conference about growing the game of golf among women. The PGA has partnered with the Latina Golfers  Association on many events aimed at introducing Latino families to golf.  The Southern California Golfers Association has also featured the Latina Golfers Association in their publication and Maldonado sits on their Governmental Affairs committee.  She is also an active member of the LA County Golf Advisory Committee.

Maldonado has spoken on the subject of golf throughout the country at women’s conferences including the Hispana Leadership Summit in Miami, the Latinas in Power Symposium in Hartford, the Proud to be Latina Conference in New York City, the Latina Style Magazine’s Business Series in Los Angeles and at the Las Comadres Conference in Austin, Tx.  Most recently she was asked to join the advisory team of Lizette Salas,the only Mexican American LPGA professional golfer on the LPGA Tour today.

An important component of the Latina Golfers Association is its Golf Mentorship program.  According to Azucena, “Our members are paired with girls participating in inner city high school girl’s golf teams and act as their golf mentors.  We raise funds for the teams to purchase golf equipment, golf balls, shoes and clothes, field trips and play golf with them on a monthly basis. We seek to provide them the exposure to all things golf that they might not be able to receive at home.” The success of the Latina Golfers Association has been attributed, in part, to the inviting atmosphere at all LGA golf events thus eliminating the intimidating ambiance that sometimes surrounds the game of golf. It is also attributed to Maldonado’s approach to bringing the message of golf to the Latino Community at the level of the community.

Azucena Maldonado is making it possible for Latinas to have access to power and influence through golf.  Through the Latina Golfers Association, Azucena is helping Latinas break the glass ceiling by striking a golf ball through it.  It’s no secret that millions of dollars in business deals occur on the golf course every year and women are missing their fair share of the green ($$) because they are not on the green playing golf.  Azucena teaches women how to break gender and cultural barriers through golf.  From the East coast to Texas to Miami and southern California, Maldonado has shared her secrets of how to be welcomed into the “boys club” and how to flourish in their professional careers and personal lives through golf. Maldonado intends to establish a presence of the Latina Golfers Association in Texas within the next few years.

Excerpt from 2013 Inductees Program

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