José de Jesús Ramírez Ruvalcaba, one of Mexico's legendary soccer players

While stateside, the word “football” conjures up images of helmets, cleats, goal posts and brilliant rushing, the word takes on a different meaning across the globe, particularly in Latin America.

 In these countries, including Mexico, “football” means soccer and it takes on an intense frenzy of powerful kicks, impressive saves and the most uttered word in international sports, “GOOOOOOAAAAAL”!

For Mexican football fans in particular, time stands still for soccer.  Marketplaces, restaurants and any public space that has a television set or a radio attract fans, onlookers and the curious as folks intently view the screen or listen closely to whatever match is playing.  In many wide circles, the name José de Jesús Ramírez Ruvalcaba takes on the same venerable meaning as Roger Staubach, Mike Ditka, Jimmy Johnson or Troy Aikman.

Ramirez, a legend in the annals of Mexican Soccer, has done it all.  From an impressive player to a coach who has led his teams to many championships, Ramirez lives and breathes soccer.  Whether as a player or as a coach, he has captured the imagination of Mexico’s soccer fan base.  As Club America’s coach, Ramirez led his squad to two championships in 2009 and 2010.  In 2008, he guided the Mexican National team to the Mic Cup in that year’s Mediterranean international Football Cup, as well as the Caribbean Cup and the Mic Cup Barcelona Cup. 

He also coached the Mexican Youth Soccer team to several championships during a two-year period, having led the team to victory in the 2007 CONCACAF tournament in Canada, an international tournament in Gottingen and another CONCACAF championship in 2006, this time in Trinidad and Tobago. 

As a player, Ramirez led the his team, Cruz Azul, to several championships, including the Champion of Champions Cup in 1977.

The International Latin-American Sports Hall of Fame proudly pays homage to this legendary Mexican league soccer phenomenon.  For José de Jesús Ramírez Ruvalcaba, football is definitely life!

Excerpt from 2013 Inductees Program

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