For Dr. Alfredo Trevino, challenge and adventure have led his interests in both tennis and medicine, which he sought specifically for the test of his own skills and capabilities. At a very young age, teachers,

Family and friends knew that medicine was his career goal and it carried on to his alma mater at Martin High School in Laredo, Texas where he took on the challenges found in the popular sport of tennis. He found tennis to be fun and it also opened up many valuable opportunities of which he took advantage to the fullest. In the field of medicine, Trevino aimed to be a general practitioner, however, he learned early on that he preferred to pursue ophthalmology. Perhaps, because of his younger years when his car mechanic father taught him, becoming an ophthalmologist was the natural course to follow. Today, he stands assured that he made the right choices and continues his practice in the hometown that offered him so many opportunities for service and success.

Along with his Air Force military service, Trevino went on to obtain many honors from such organizations as Doctors Hospital, Rotary Club and the National Tennis League. Among his most notable honors is that of becoming the first Hispanic President of the United States Tennis Association – Texas (2011-2012). His community service is unyielding providing great opportunities to such organizations as Laredo Boys and Girls Club, St. Augustine High School, Laredo Border Olympics and Laredo Tennis Association. For his Latino community of Laredo and Webb County, Dr. Trevino remains directly involved with any team, school or service group seeking to provide as many scholarships to students as possible in an effort to keep the momentum of desiring to obtain an education. Hope and dedication is offered from both ends of the funding spectrum as providers see hope of their investment and recipients see the dedication required for success.

Dr. Trevino, from the onset, helped pave the road for future Latinos in the field of tennis when in the beginning of his young tennis career there were few teammates representing Hispanics. Although he did not personally experience any harsh or direct discrimination for being Hispanic, he did see the need to promote the sport among the Latino community whenever possible. Dr. Trevino’s advise for the future generations of Latinos is that one must be prepared. Mental preparation, as with any sport, is one that requires specific types of training and you can only find the type of training you need through an educational institution. Therefore, one must take any opportunity given, both big and small, to journey their way through to a future that is set to take on the new leaders and we must all strive to be among those leaders.

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