Jose Lothario born Guadalupe G. Robledo on December 12 1934 in Torreon Mexico. Jose is one of 8 children born to his parents. At the age of 9 he was kicked out of his home and forced to live on his own on the streets of Torreon. Jose learned at a very young age that he would have to take care of himself. Learning how to work odd jobs the streets became a way of life.

Jose had become friends with some wrestlers that had suggested to him that he begin training to be a boxer. After several years of boxing his weight and growth was too big for the boxing level he was at so a friend had suggested that he transfer to learning to wrestle and that is where it all began. Wrestling in Mexico drew attention of promoters in the United States wanting to bring in the Hispanic wrestlers. In 1956 Jose began traveling back and forth between the US and Mexico. Gaining in popularity the promoters asked Jose to consider staying in the United States to travel all throughout the country. Jose lived first in Arizona then moved to California for a few years, then moved to Florida where he met his wife Jean. After a couple of years in Florida Jose was approached about a new promotion in Texas, therefore moving him to San Antonio Texas where he still lives. Jose continued his wrestling career as well as taking on the roll of promoter for South Texas and booking venues for World Class Championship Wrestling. During this time it allowed him the opportunity to travel to Laredo Texas nearly every other week for over 10 years. During the 10 plus years that Jose headlined countless main events in Laredo, he was extremely instrumental in helping The Laredo Noon Optimist Club raise significant amounts of funds that were distributed by The Club to various youth oriented charities throughout the community. From the youngest wrestling fan to the oldest senior citizen – Jose was a sports icon who was loved and adored by wrestling fans throughout Laredo. Throughout the years Jose visited Laredo, he would always make time to help The Optimist Club and their constant desire to raise money to help the youth of Laredo. Jose never forget about Laredo and Laredo will never forget Jose!

Jose enjoyed over 40 years in the professional wrestling world as wrestling has always been in his blood, he also trained some of the best known wrestlers like Gino Hernandez, The Von Ericks and Shawn Michaels. Wrestling was the greatest career for Jose to have, not only did it afford the opportunity to travel the world it also provided him the opportunity to help others and use his popularity to bring awareness or help raise funds for many of charities and non-profit organizations. Jose currently still lives in San Antonio with his wife of 45 years and spends his time with his 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

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