An example of a sports career that is directly tied into the premise of our organization is that of sports historian Carlos Trevino who has been dedicated to preserving and reporting for posterity.

In essence, the legacy of Trevino is that he was in the front lines of recording many of those hall of fame recipients that we have honored and continue to honor. Specifically, he has provided a large portion of the history that we strive to retain for ourselves and, curiously, he has unknowingly supplied himself as an active and proud historian. Trevino took on a big plate in choosing to cover Texas and New Mexico sports throughout his career, but then it seems befitting for a dreamer with big dreams. Without proud pioneers like him, we would today be without much of the history that has been preserved because of stewards like Trevino.

For many Latinos, Carlos is a role model for those who want to follow their passion. He has experienced the struggles and challenges of the world of sports first hand and served as a beacon of experience for all those willing to commit their time in any way. His invaluable service is one that cannot be measure for it influence and effect on today’s generation. As with most leaders, their legacy is one that passes the test of time. It is through this recognition and honor bestowed to Mr. Trevino that we aim to preserve him and all his contributions to sports. The journey comes full circle through our acknowledgement that it is time to honor those who have honored us with their coverage throughout their careers.

We stand assured that our commitment to conservation of the past will always be thankfully carried on by those future generations that Trevino has touched throughout his life.

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Proposed museum location is downtown Laredo, Texas, intersection, Farragut at Juarez Ave.