Adrian's team

Assembled to participate in the Latin American Tournaments in Texas. 43 wins and one loss in two years - many went on to play in larger leagues.


The Laredo Latin-American Basketball tournament, started by Jimmy Rodriguez+ and Hector Chacon back in 1974 served as the perfect opportunity to showcase what Laredo had to offer; Sponsored by Laredo’s KLDO TV and later Adrian Martinez, the dream team was assembled with high expectations in mind – to attract positive publicity to Laredo. The players, who were mostly from Laredo and the surrounding area, enjoyed great success at the helm of their team leader Jaime Peña, of Mission, Texas, who towered at 6 feet 8 inches tall. The team won the tournament their first time out in 1984, and an entrepreneur by the name of Adrian Martinez approached them and told them that he wanted to sponsor the team – but under one condition, they had to win in Laredo.

The team did just that, winning the championship in Laredo, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston. Then followed yet another winning streak the year after (in 1986), winning in Laredo, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston, and taking almost every game by a coveted 20 points. Head coaches and executives immediately took notice and invited the team to Los Angeles, California to participate in the National Mexican-American Basketball tournament.

With Martinez’ backing, the team won the championship, beating out the previous year’s champions, Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the finals, and showing this young team of Latinos was a force to be reckoned with. After winning the Los Angles Tournament, the team qualified to go to the National Hispanic Tournament in Phoenix, Arizona that September. Forced to face their formidable allies (Santa Fe, New Mexico) in the finals, the team showed exactly what they were made of and came out victorious once again. For many, this catapulted their athletic careers.

Peña, enjoyed a career as an All-American in 1984 at New Mexico State, and was ultimately drafted in the 6th round by the San Antonio Spurs. He continued to play professionally throughout other parts of the world in Spain, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. He later joined the Mexican Olympic Team. The team’s point guard, Walter “Gogi” Zamora Kramer, of Laredo, attended Wayland Baptist College and played for one year in the Mexican Pro League. He was the second leading scorer in the team. Jerry Farias from Mission, Texas went on to attend St. Edwards University and played in the Mexican Pro League for three years. Jaime Gonzalez of Laredo Nixon attended Pan American University where he too found success.

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