Constantino “Tino” Martinez is remembered as one of the key players in the New York Yankees 1990’s dynasty while serving as a third and first baseman

 He was selected in the first round of the college draft Class of the 1990’s by the Seattle Mariners. Tino had one of his best years in 1995 when he hits 31 homerun, drove in 111 runs and batted .297 as the Seattle Mariners won their Division. Following that season, he was traded to the New York Yankees to replace legendary first baseman and team captain, Don Mattingly.

Martinez helped lead the Yankees to four World Series Championships in 1996, 1998, 1999 2000. He also won the Home Run Derby in 1997. He hit two memorable homeruns as a Yankee in a World Series, first in the 1998 series when he hit a grand slam to help the team win in game one and the other in 2001 when he hit one to tie the game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

His best season as a Yankee came in 1997, when he was second in the American League with 44 Home Runs and 141 runs- batted- in and finished second as the league’s Most Valuable Player.

In the 2001 World Series, Yankees played against The Arizona Diamondbacks. the series went to game 7, which Arizona won when Luis Gonzalez, his childhood friend, hit a single against Yankee ace reliever, Mariano Rivera in the bottom of the 9th to win the series. Gonzalez later recalled that when he went back home to check his answering machine, the first message of congratulations was from Martinez. In 2002, he was traded to the St. Louis Cardinal baseball club in the National League. While at St. Louis Cardinals, Martinez first visit to Yankee Stadium was met by a long cheering crowd in appreciation of his championship years in pinstripes. In 2005, Martinez ended his successful 16-year baseball career and began working as a game analyst for ESPN and continues contributing to baseball as a batting instructor for different clubs.


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