L to R: Felipe Romero, Guadalupe Felan, Gene Vazquez, Joe Treviño and Mario Lomas

Golf is the one game that can never be won. There is always a better score; always something to improve upon. No one can beat golf. On the flipside, golf is a game that has a blind-justice way of leveling every field. Bad lies happen to good players, while hacks hit miraculous shots. 

Something spectacular happened more than half a century ago in Del Rio, when the San Felipe High School Mustangs magically mastered a game a bunch of kids that weren’t allowed to play in the first place. As five Latinos in the 1950’s — Joe Treviño, Felipe Romero, Mario Lomas, Gene Vasquez and Lupe Felan — selftaught a game and grew into a life-long love affair. The 1957 Mustangs laced their trophy cabinets with prestige, winning the Class A Texas state high school golf championship by a previously-unfathomable 35strokes — securing first, second and third place individual honors in synchronization.