Baseball Pitcher
Atlanta Braves
Los Angeles Dodgers
World Series Game Winner

Alejandro Pefia, star relief pitcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves and New York Mets
began his baseball career in the sandlots of his native Cambino, Dominican Republic. His 90 m.p.h.
fast ball made him one of the most dominant right handers in the national league.
In 1984, Pefia went 12-4 with 4 shut-out for the Los Angeles Dodgers and led the National League
in ERA. Years later, the Dodgers promoted him as a relief pitcher where he became the team's, most
consistent if not most effective closer.
He appeared in three play-off series with the Dodgers compiling a 2.51 post-season ERA and
pitched five scoreless inning in the 1988 World Series. Kirk Gibson delivered the winning homerun
against the Oakland A's making Pefia the winning pitcher in one of the most dramatic games in a fall
Pefia 's mastery of opposing hitters help the Atlanta Braves reach the National League play-offs
in 1991 as he was 11 for 11 in save opportunities. He also had 3 saves against the Pittsburgh Pirates
making Bobby Bonilla and Barry Bonds look like amateurs.
In 1994, Pefia did something unusual in the "Me First" ERA of Professional Sports. Alejandro
gave back a half-million dollars to the ball club that had signed him for $1.35 million guaranteed
contract. That spring, Pefia reported to the Pirates camp with a sore arm that required season ending
elbow surgery less than a month into spring training. General Manager, Ted Simmons, who had
signed Pefia without a physical exam, had lost his potential relief pitcher and it appeared a lot of
Pefia could have taken the money and run off to another team that season with his million plus
bucks in his pocket. But he felt guilty for Simmons. He instructed his agent, Tom Reich, to return
$500,000 in guaranteed money and add an extra year to the contract with a base salary of $175,000.
"I couldn't live with myself' Pefia said, "I didn ' t feel right taking money and not doing anything
for the team . Peiia made $675,000 for not throwing a pitch in 1993.
Agent Tom Reich never had a player renegotiate so much money away. The Pirates never had a player return so much money back. "He didn't have to do that," said general manager Ted Simmons, "It's rare that a player with a
guaranteed contract would willingly renegotiate a contract. It says a lot about Alejandro."
Pefia spent nine seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers and 6 with the Atlanta Braves (World Series); Pittsburgh Pirates, New York
Mets and Florida Marlins. His career totals in 15 years in the majors were 56 wins 52 losses with a 311 ERA in 503 games . He was selected
"Rolaids" relief pitcher of the month for saving 8 games for the Atlanta Braves in 1991.

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