Ing. Carlos Peralta Quintero

Presidente-Director General
Industrias Unidas S.A. (IUSA)
Fundacion Don Alejo Peralta y Diaz Ceballos
Tigres de Mexico-Liga Mexicana
Campeones 1996-2000-2001
LM Ejecutivo del Ano 2000-2001


lngeniero Carlos Peralta Quintero following the legacy of his late father, Don Alejo Peralta y Diaz Ceballos, is a world renowned philanthropist, humanitarian, sports enthusiast and international business leader. Carlos developed professionally in his father's lndustrias Unidas S.A. (Grupo IUSA) or United Industries. He was appointed Executive VicePresident of Grupo Industrial and later Chairman of the Board of Directors, a responsibility he has had since 1997. Grupo IUSA is one of the most important and highly regarded industrial groups in Mexico. Presently it has one hundred and eight companies. Mr. Peralta's work ethic has strengthened Grupo IUSA by bringing in state of the art technology which has enabled it to achieve greater competitiveness internationally. Peralta envisioned and negotiated the creating of the Mexican company "IUSACELL" one the most successful cellular phone companies in Mexico. As a result of his business interest, Peralta has created thousands of jobs which have benefited families in Mexico and abroad. In honor of his late father, Carlos created the Alejo Peralta y Diaz Ceballos Foundation established primarily to benefit the country's poor and to foster education in culture and science. It also helps several orphanages and physically challenged individuals. In the field of sports, Carlos is proud to continue the passioned legacy his father began, as the founder of the Mexico City Tigres, now representing the City of Puebla. Always actively supporting and encouraging baseball activities. Currently, Mr. Peralta is the acting chief executive officer of the tradition-rich Tigres and under his leadership they have won 4 Mexican League championships (1992-1997-2000-2001) and have managed to participate in the championship series in 5 of the last six seasons. The Mexican League honored Carlos by recognizing him as Baseball Executive of the Year in 2000 and 2001 for winning consecutive championships. The Academy of Baseball named after his father, Don Alejo Peralta y Diaz Ceballos is a renowned facility where the finest young ball players from Mexico con developed their baseball talent. Peralta's broad baseball experience has been successful in showcasing the talent of Mexican players and in fostering working agreements with various Major League clubs. Presently, Carlos wants to extend his sports business to the United States. He has an offer on the table to the Walt Disney Corporation to buy the 2002 World Series Champion Anaheim Angels. The future outlook of the entrepreneurial group Peralta directs is notable because in addition to industrial development, it also encompasses cultural and philanthropic aspects of national life.

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