Jesse James Leija

World Boxing Champion
World Boxing Council
International Boxing Association

Jesse James Leija is well-respected throughout
the world. He is a native Texan born and raised in
San Antonio and is an honest and committed
professional with his devotion not only evident in
his daily life but also in his career.
His contributions to the sport of boxing are
exemplary with a professional record of 42 wins of
which 18 are by knock-out. His boxing record
shows his work ethic and his total commitment to
the sport he loves.
During his career, he has endured the challenge of losing and coming back. When he lost, he lost
to the best. When he won, he beat the best.
Dedicated to his commwtity, Jesse spends his time inspiring children to achieve their dreams.
As founder of the Jesse James Leija Youth Foundation, he insures that thousands of dollars each
year are given to disadvantaged children.
He lives a devoted life to his wife, Lisa, and their two sons James and Dean.
There are many superlatives that can be used to describe Jesse but the best one is honesty.
Jesse is a gentleman and a scholar of his sport but more importantly, he is a teacher and a true
role model that both children and adults admire. He began his boxing career early in life, fighting
in Golden Gloves events in and around his hometown.
He became a professional fighter in 1988 and has appeared in 41 televised events beamed around the world through HBO, Lifetime,
Sports Channel and in some pay-per-view fights.
Throughout his career, Jesse has fought the best world champions, including Sugar Shane Mosely, Oscar de Ia Hoy a, Azumah Nelson,
Troy Dorsey, Louis Espinoza and Steve McCrory, to name a few.
His boxing achievements include being champion of the following: San Antonio Golden Gloves: the North American Boxing Federation;
and World Boxing Council Super Featherweight Division 1994 and International Boxing Association World Champion in 1998.

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