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About The Latin American International Sports Hall of Fame

In the United States, there are Sports Halls of Fame that honor professional and amateur athletes in football, basketball, track, tennis, baseball and other sports. There are also ethnic halls of fame that recognize outstanding athletes from different groups including Italian, Jewish, Irish and blacks to name a few. But, there was not a single sports hall of fame that would recognize, honor and salute the outstanding accomplishments/achievements and contributions of our Latino/Hispanic Sports Heritage not only from the United States but also those who came to this country from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Central and South America and from the vast talent from the Caribbean Islands. The Latin-American International Sports Hall of Fame/Salon de Ia Fama Latinoamericano del Deporte was organized in Laredo, Texas in 1974. At first it was to celebrate, honor and promote local and regional individuals who had excelled at their particular sport but soon it opened the doors to include National and International Professional Athletes. It also recognizes as Sportsman of the Year individuals who continue to preserve and enhance our Latino culture, values and educational opportunities for our youth and who contribute to the betterment of the City of Laredo and South Texas. There have been since its inception an equal recognition of women athletes inductees. It was important to find role models for our youth and the organizers wanted to include all ages, regardless of sex in their programs. The Latin Hall was also created to promote economic development and stimulate business activity in downtown Laredo when local businesses are contracted to provide services to our inductees, their families and guests who visit Laredo during the annual 3-day welcome reception, media luncheon and induction banquet celebration weekend. Through the years. (1975-2014), and with limited amount of funds the organization has, had the opportunity to help the youth of our community with scholarships and other youth activity fundraisers. Plans are to have a Latin Sports International Hall of Fame Museum (downtown) (soon) which will be a first for the United States and to provide clinics (free of charge) to instruct our youth in different sports.


The Latin American International Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 1975 to recognize individuals with good and proper standing in the community, high morals and values and who have excelled in sports and/or have contributed to the promotion of sports and goodwill in the Latino community.

Latin American International Sports Hall of Fame

47th Annual Induction Banquet

Dr. Jose Sulaiman Ch.

World Boxing Council
1975 - Present
World Boxing Hall of Fame
California 2001
"Ilustre Tamaulipeco"

The sport of boxing has produced many champions and heroes throughout its' history.
Unfortunately, the business of boxing is both castigated by the press and general public for the
misbehavior of a few individuals who seek glory at all costs and tarnish the hard work and
dedication of others. But among its' many stars and dedicated individuals, there is one who
shines brighter than all the rest.
He is Dr. Jose Sulaiman, the favorite son of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico, who for
the past 27 years has been the President of the World Boxing Council (WBC). A job in which he
has brought dignity and stability over the years.
Dr. Sulaiman is world renowned as a businessman and leader in the sport of boxing. He
holds a Business Administration/Mercantile Law degree from the Institute and Escuela Superior de Comercio in Mexico; and, honorary
Doctorate degrees in Humane Letters from the Newport University, Mexico campus (1997), Social Sciences and Philosophy from the London
Institute of Technology (1998), Physical Culture from the Russian Academy of Physical Culture in Moscow (1999).
His accomplishments in world boxing have made a difference in the safety and well being of it's participants and he is recognized to
have done more to humanize the sport in the last 20 years than anyone else in the history of boxing. Here are just a few:

-Organized the First World Medical Congress to discuss fight treatment/procedure with the attendance of 300 chief ringside doctors
from 83 countries.
-Donated 1 million dollars to the UCLA Medical Research Program to research the effects of brain injury resulting from fights.
-Established the "Friendly Hand Benevolent Foundation" to support indigent former boxers and their families in foreign countries
around the world.
-Lobbied for and implemented in 1983 the 12 round title bouts from the normal15 rounds.
-Secured in 1980 hospitalization and life insurance in the sum of $200,000 for each boxer in WBC Title bouts.
-Established boxer weigh-in at 24-30 hours prior to fights to protect boxers and prevent dangerous weight loss and de-hydration.
-Implemented mandatory annual and periodic medical examinations of all boxers before being authorized to fight.
Over the years, his vision and leadership have been a positive influence in overseeing the WBC (comprised of 161 countries), the
fighters, managers, corner personnel and all other aspects of the sport. For his many years of dedication and hard work he is being recognized
and honored. A distinguished gentleman who has brought dignity and respect to boxing and athletes around the world.
Alumno distinguido (1950's) de Ia escuela preparatoria Holding Institute, en Laredo, Texas.