Hall of Honor Inductee
Texas High School Coaches Association
Fort Worth · August · 1968

Although orphaned at an early age and raised by his brothers and sisters Everardo
C. Lerma didn't let this keep him from betomming successful as an athlete, coach,
community worker and family man."l owe what honors I've received in my life to
them and God," said Lerma. He is the first coach inducted to the Laredo Hall.
Born and raised in Kingsville, Everardo and Gerald Alvarez were the first hispanos
to play football for Kingsville High in 1933. That year, Lerma was chosen to the All·
District team.
E. C. played for Texas A&l in Kingsville from 1934-38 and was the first Mexican·
American to participate in Athletics for that school. He is well -known by South
Texas Sports fans as he was coach and Athletic Director at Benavides and
also coached at Rio Grande City. Lerma's son, John, was selected to the All·
American Prep team as Quarterback while a senior at Rio Grande City. He
later starred for Baylor University. Other players that he coached which later played
in college include Max Vera (Benavides) and Ross LaGrange (Rio Grande City) who
played for Texas A&l Charles LaGrange (Rio Grande City) started for Texas A&M.
The Texas High School Coaches Association selected Coach Lerma to Their Hall
of Honor in 1968. He was inducted into Texas A&l's Athletic Hall of Fame in 1977.
Lerma's other honors include being named to the Personalities of the South and the
Sports Trail Century Club. He and his wife and daughter live in McAllen.

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