Martin High School- 1946

Daria Hinojosa, often considered as one of South Texas greatest Lineman, carved
a colorful gridiron career, both in the schoolboy and collegiate ran'ks during the late
Hinojosa is best remembered locally for his frontline contributions as a member
and captain of the Tradition · Rich and famed 1946 Martin High School football
team, "The Eleven Iron Men ." The squad was rated No. 14 in the state and is best
remembered for battling San Antonio Jefferson High to a tie. Star running back
Kyle Rote played for Jefferson that year.
Daria was an honored student in High School. He was endowed with a rugged physique
but his size prevented him from playing pro football. As a coach for his Alma
Mater, he had one trait sorely missing in today's coaching fraternity ........ he could
dispense the knowledge that he learned while performing in college to his younger
Following graduation, Hinojosa accepted a football scholarship to Centenary
College in Louisiana . He then returned and played at Laredo Junior College and then
went on to Star brilliantly in the Lone Star State Conference as a member of East
Texas Teachers College.
The Laredo Basketball Association is proud to dedicate its 5th Annual Tournament
to Daria Hinojosa and at the same time induct him into the Hall -Of-Fame.

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