World Bantamweight Champion - Los Angeles, 1968

Ruben Olivares often call ed "Mexico's Best Boxer of all time" because of the way
he would finish his bouts was born and raised in a poor barrio of Mexico City.
Olivares first won the Bantam Weight Title on August 22, 1968 by Beating Lionel
Rose at the Forum in Inglewood, California. Up to that time, Ruben had lost only once
on July 29, 1967 to German Bastidos. After successfully defending his Bantam Title to
many challengers all over the world, Olivares was TKO by Mexican Chucho Castillo in
1 October 17, 1970. The Champ recaptured his crown on April 18, 1971 at the Forum
with Veteran George Parnassus as the promoter. He stopped Chucho in the 10th round.
Ruben defended his Bantam Title more than anyone else in History . He also made more
money than any Mexican fighter during his boxing career. Ruben fought in the best
arenas in North and South America - and in Japan he was the Knowckout art ist of his
day with almost all of his challengers end ing up on the canvas. One by one Ol ivares
either kayoed or outpointed all his challengers including : T. Harada , Takao Sa kura i,
Allan Rudkin, Ernie De La Cruz, and Kid Pasqualito.
He later won the Featherweight Title ( 126) lbs.) and fought against such boxers in .
that division as Kuniaki Shibata , Vicente Saldivar and Pamoso Gomez.
Olivares biggest purse was $80,000.00 in 1971 when he kayoed Kalzuych i,
Kanazawa in Nagoya, Japan .

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