Johnny Rendon

Goshin Jutsu Karate Do
International Martial Arts

Johnny Rendon began his involvement in martial arts asa hobby in 1965. At the time, no Judo or Karate classes were taught in the Laredo area. In 1966, he began his actual study of karate at a small studio at Laredo's Air Force Base and received his first degree black belt in 1968. His Air Force instructor ended his tour of duty three months later and left town and entrusted the continuation of his school to Johnny. thus. began the tradition of karate instruction in Laredo. As an instructor. Rendon took this humble beginning and worked hard to maintain the standards of the art and became dedicated to his teachings. While maintaining a full-scale schedule of classes. he continued to study and prepared himself as a competitor. He competed for 9 years in tournaments throughout Texas and Mexico. At that time, tournaments were not held as often as today with only 4 or 5 tournaments held each year. The competition was stiff and he ably represented Laredo against such champions as A1 Francis and Dimitrus Havanis (The Golden Greek) who were on the top 10 in National Karate rankings and world champions respectively. Rendon consistently placed in the top 3 in competition and won numerous trophies and awards in Karate (Sparring) and Kala (Forms). He competed at a time when there was minimal use of protective gear and fought mostly barefisted and barefooted. He retired from active competition in 1977. however. he continued to study the art and now holds a Sixth Degree Black Belt making him the highest ranking instructor in Laredo A Tenth Degree is the highest level which is awarded after many years of involvement in the art. Rendon's expertise is consistently sought after in many tournaments throughout the state. He is the Director of the Laredo Karate Tournament. Founded in 1972. this tournament brings competitors from South Texas and Northern Mexico. In 1985. he was named Instructor of the Year by the United States Martials Arts Association in San Antonio, Texas for having the most winning students in A.M.A. competition. In 1986, he was accorded the honorary title "Shihan" (Head Instructor) by the local Goshin Jutsu Karate Do instructors. This title is given to one who is a role model and who has dedicated his life to Karate. In 1988, he was recognized as one of the pioneers of Karate in Texas and the Director of Deportes Chinos from Mexico City presented him a Certificate of Merit for his efforts in bringing together the two countries through friendly competition.

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