Rosana Franco

Sports Commentator
Soccer- Baseball- Co-Host Univision's
"Republica Deportiva"
Sunday Sports Show 10-12am- Miami, Florida

Rosana Franco co-hosts "Republica Deportiva." With a lively and particular style, she won the respect as a sports commentator, a difficult task in a profession in which women in Hispanic TV have little presence. Rosana's talent was discovered by Univision. After extensive auditions that took more than three months in the cities of Los Angeles, Miami, Guadalajara and Mexico City, more than 500 candidates were interviewed to become part of the team of "Republica Deportiva," Rosana's charm and personality showed up. "I am aware of the fact that women's pruticipation in sporting events may upset some people, especially at the beginning, but the truth is that I have been very well received by the audience. People, very kindly greet me when they see me and they encourage me to keep on doing my job. I think that through me, women have demonstrated that we like sports and that we can do a good job as commentators," says Rosana. Born in Monterrey, Mexico. Rosana comes from a family of athletes. Her father, Doctor Roberto "El Alfalfa" Vazquez was an outstanding soccer player for the famous team, "Pumas de Ia UNAM" during the 50's. She always loved sports and from an early age she was actively involved in sports. On several occasions. she represented her school in athletics and gymnastics. In high school, she also played Basketball. "I like all sports. When I was a little girl. l used to play everything with my neighbors, from soccer to basketball , and even football. but what I always loved the most was soccer. Everybody knows that is the passion for the World Cup. It's inevitable not to be reached by a sports that excites everyone, says Rosana. Rosana and "The Republica Deportiva" Sunday, 2-hour sports program arc seen on 23 of Uni vision's Television Network Stations in the United States including such major markets as New York City. Los Angeles, Dallas, Denver. Philadelphia, Chicago and San Antonio. It is also viewed in Puerto Rico and other Latin Countries.

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