An individual may be nominated after completion of his/her achievements. It is the intent of the Latin American International Sports Hall of Fame is to recognize worthy individuals in a timely manner. In order to nominate an individual to the Latin Sports Hall of Fame a sponsor must complete the nomination form which is available at The sponsor must not be the individual nominated or a member of his/her immediate family. The completed form must be accompanied by at least two type-written secondary letters from individuals who are considered the nominee’s peers and are not members of the nominee’s immediate family. Upon receipt of the nomination form, the Nominations Review Committee of the Latin American International Sports Hall of Fame will examine the application for eligibility in accordance with these guidelines. In the event that an individual is declared not eligible for nomination, the sponsor will be notified with the reasons for non-eligibility. Once the nominated individual has been determined eligible for election, the sponsor will be contacted to provide the following materials:

1. Short Biography - This should be less than four pages long but sufficiently comprehensive to fully reflect the accomplishments of the nominee as they relate to the Latin American International Sports Hall of Fame.

2. Photograph - 5x7 glossy, head and shoulder photo or a suitable electronic file of the nominee must be provided. It is suggested that the photo be sports oriented and representative of the nominee during the time he or she was most active.

3. Other Supporting Materials - These materials are very important and give authenticity to the achievements of the nominee. Examples of supporting materials may include: newspaper articles, historical records, letters, film footage, video tapes, or additional informational not already included in the required documentation.

4. Nominations may be submitted at any time. However, to be considered in the next review period the Latin American International Sports Hall of Fame must receive the nomination form by the end of May of that year. (Ex. May 30, 2011). Nominees who are selected for induction or recognition entails no financial obligation on their part. If a nominee is not selected for induction or recognition, his/her packet will be resubmitted to the Committee each year for a maximum of two additional years.


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